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Welcome to QSI International School of Togo, where we focus on student learning through a mastery, performance-based approach. Our program emphasizes knowledge, skills, the development of 21st century skills, and success orientations. Our students are given attention and support to reach high standards by certified teachers that are caring and adapt to the needs of students. We have small class sizes that are nurturing and enable personalized instruction. We believe that every student can succeed. We offer a range of classes to meet student needs including the core classes of Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Cultural Studies, and Science. Additional classes and electives include Art, Music, Physical Education, Swimming, Technology, and French Language. We endeavor to provide the conditions for success as students engage in higher-order thinking skills and high interest activities.

The success orientations of kindness and politeness, independent endeavor, group interaction, aesthetic appreciation, trustworthiness, responsibility, and concern for others develop character and emotional intelligence in students throughout the school. These traits help students be successful as they reach their potential and trains them in essential life skills.

We encourage parents to work together with us to ensure that the whole child is being developed and challenged. To facilitate this, we organize activities that foster student growth and development and bring our community together.

So, join us as we soar to new heights together. If you would like to find out more, please feel free to contact me at

Craig Johnston